Working With Moqui Marbles

Moqui Marbles, Shaman Stones, Boji Stones, Raine Hilton

I had heard of Moqui Marbles many times over the years and had always meant to buy some to work with. Finally I found the perfect ones, my pair arrived yesterday and I eagerly tried them for the first time last night.

I held the marbles in my left hand (female marble – smooth one) and right hand (male marble – bumpy with ridges around it) and closed my eyes. I first felt a tugging sensation across my stomach and hips and the one in my left hand started vibrating very quickly and quite firmly. I felt my whole body beginning to shake with it and then the energy levelled out and the right side energy began to filter through and this stabilised my energy field.

As I allowed myself to drift deeper into meditation I saw a Kingfisher, it hopped around me, flying a little way and then circling back to me, urging me to follow it. I shapeshifted and spread my wings, we soared high into the sky together. We flew through some clouds and as they cleared I found myself landing on hard rocky ground in front of a wizened old lady dressed in a dark yellow robe. She looked at me curiously and repealed “Ethiopia” several times and pointed at me I said “England” in response. She said “I asked for rain”. I told her I was Raine and she laughed out loud.

We chatted for a while and I discovered that this month had been a dry one and they were in need of rain so she had been performing a ritual to bring it through. I told her it was pouring with rain where I was from and she asked me to picture it, every aspect of it, what it smelled like, felt like, looked like, the temperature, everything. She told me to become rain, and then she connected to me and helped to draw it through. This took quite a long time and to begin with I could not see difference. The sun felt so hot on my back, the air felt dry and dusty. Then all of a sudden she raised her head and sniffed the air and said she could smell water vapour in the air.

We chatted some more and she told me that she had two daughters, like I also have, but hers had sadly passed over. She was sad that although she had extended family she had no one to pass on the old ways too, she was afraid they would die out with her.

I showed her my Moqui Marbles that I had used to journey to her and she told me to crossover my arms with my palms facing outwards and she did the same so her left and right hands were clasping the stones held in my left and right hands forming the Infinity symbol between us. I then felt as if we were shooting upwards very quickly. Before I knew it we were floating through space, she told me that by flying the path of each constellation that they carry their own individual music. These harmonic resonances vibrate through the light body encouraging deeper spiritual awakening. I was amazed at how each one felt.

We then returned back to where we met and she told me to look up once again and I could just see the faintest of wispy clouds drifting by. She said she worked primarily with weather and could sense I had the touch also. She said I naturally carried storm energy, and that she would have to be careful how to settle that into their environment as lightening could be particular hazardous where she was. We then said goodbye to one another and she told me her name before I returned.

As I came around and grounded myself I began to look on the internet to see how much I could corroborate of my experience. After some Google searches I discovered that the Kingfisher is not only a native bird to England but also to Ethiopia which really surprised me. I believe that the Kingfisher that I saw was her Totem Guide that she sent out in search of rain for her.

Kingfisher indicates a period of increased mental and spiritual activity. He will show how to manifest your destiny by listening to your intuition. Since psychic perceptions are increasing, he will instruct how to remain grounded in the earth and be comfortable in doing so. Take time for yourself in quite solitude connecting to Mother Earth. Kingfisher demonstrates excellent visionary skills he directs attention to feelings and what is unseen. Watch carefully what is going around you. Listen to your dreams and visions. He shows it is time for forward movement, letting go, forgiving the past. Kingfisher’s medicine guides in seeing into the depths of emotions and into the un/subconscious. His lesson goes much deeper than what is on the surface. This is another opportunity to balance masculine and feminine energies. He aids communication and reaching higher spiritual energies along with the ability to express ideas with coherence. Kingfisher presents a time of prosperity, love, warmth, and a new found peace of mind.

I checked the weather for Ethiopia, that particular day was forecast to be dry and sunny but the following 2 days were predicting rain and the day after lightening! I did a further search and discovered that it had indeed been a mostly dry month for them up until this point.

I looked at some landscape images of Ethiopia and one hilly one in particular looked very much as I saw. One last thing I did another search for was her name and found that it was an Ethiopian.

I have had many amazing spiritual experiences over the years, but this one I feel will always stay with me.

Raine Hilton – GVHT – Good Vibes Holistic Therapies –

* Moquii Marbles are also known as Shaman Stones, Mochi Marbles, or Moqui Balls, they can be found in two places in the western areas of the United States, although more commonly at the Navajo Sandstone Formations. Here is a link to a great info site about them


About Raine Hilton

Hello my name is Raine Hilton and I am an Inspirational Holistic Life Coach and a Holistic Therapist. I have had many life experiences which have brought me to where I am today and I would like to share the more important ones with you here in this blog.
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  1. Jo Ann Vasko says:

    I have had my moqui marble since I was five years old. I am 65 now and it has always given me comfort. I think I am the only person to have found one in California. I enjoyed reading your article.

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