The face in the fire and the art of Pyromancy


Throughout childhood our imagination was frequently captivated by all things Fey, dreaming of fairy castles, naughty Elves and Goblins, or majestic fairy queens ruling over their magical lands.

Sadly as we grow up that sense of wonderment vanishes from our lives and is put firmly to one side along with much loved toys and other childhood pastimes.

However in many cultures the Fey kingdom is still believed in and also very much respected. Even today places such as Iceland will still not build on Fey land until permission has been sought. Fairies are frequently called upon for help, advice or to witness rituals, festivals and celebrations. Wherever you look fairies appear in art work, sculptures, books and movies, and even though nowadays many may decline to show themselves physically to humans their presence is still firmly stamped on our world.

Fairies are often identified as relating to the four elements. They come in many shapes, sizes and guises and are far from the cute Victorian images many are familiar with. Their names often change from one culture to another but the most commonly known ones are;

Earth fairies; known as; Elves, Brownies, Gnomes, Goblins, Kobolds and Dryads.

Water fairies; known as; Mermaids and Mermen, (known as Merfolk) Water Nymphs, Selkies/Selchies (known as seal people). Pixies, Lamias, Undine sirens (male & Female)

Fire fairies; known as Salamanders, Draks, Fire Fey, and Fire Drakes

Air fairies; known as Sylphs, Silkies, Devas, Storm Spirits and Paries

I for one never stopped believing and have had numerous occasions where proof of their continued existence has been shown to me.  I have respectfully photographed many fey spirits and orbs over time. The face in the fire shown above was one that crept up on me as I was curled up around the fire reading a book. I have enlarged it so you can see the face clearly in profile. I believe this one to be a great example of a fire fairy. Others that I have shown this photo to have said they can see other Fire Fairies running across the flames.


Pyromancy – How to see fire fairies

Pyromancy is the art of fire scrying used for divination and foretelling the future. Fire gazing is best done with a calm, detached state of mind, allowing the subconscious mind to flow freely while the conscious mind is distracted by the random shapes in the fire. Some people see actual images, symbols or scenes in the flames, while others gain their knowledge clairvoyantly as images in the mind.

In ancient times those known as ‘having the sight’ would make a study of the flames and how it was affected by objects cast into it during sacrifices and rituals. If the flames were clear and bright with no smoke or sound it was determined to be a good omen. Even how the smoke rose was considered important. I know I grew up with the knowledge that if chimney smoke rose straight up the weather would be fine and if it drifted the weather would be wet.

One method of fire scrying is to sit and mediate before fire, allowing it to die down until just the coals are glowing and then cast a handful of salt onto the coals. This will encourage the flames to flare up, once they have settled, relax and detach your mind from the physical world; allow no thoughts to creep in. Your focus should only be on the shapes projected from the glowing coals. You should be open to any images, thoughts or ideas, as the knowledge you seek can come to you in many ways. Do not force anything to happen, if you are meant to see something you will, if not try again another time.



About Raine Hilton

Hello my name is Raine Hilton and I am a Spiritual Wellbeing Consultant. I have had many life experiences which have brought me to where I am today and I would like to share the more important ones with you here in this blog.
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