The Health Benefits of Himalayan Salt Lamps


I absolutely love my new Himalayan Salt Lamp. Not only does it look beautiful, its gentle warming glow feels so calming and uplifting. In fact Himalayan Salt has many beneficial properties. As an asthma sufferer I found using a salt pipe inhaler very helpful. I also add Pink Himalayan crystals to my bah water to detox my body and cleanse my auric field.

Salt lamps work by cleansing and deodorising the air around us, this is great if you are shut up in an office most of the day as so many of us are. They work on the principle of Hygroscopy; meaning that they attract molecules of water from the very air around us. As the lamp heats up the water then evaporates back into the air but this time with the trapped particles of pollen, mould spores, dust, smoke etc trapped within them.

As the salt heats up this changes the charge of the molecules. In our positively ion charged modern homes that are filled with all manner of electrical gadgets this is detrimental to our health and well being on many levels. Once the lamp absorbs all of these positively charged pollutants, it then releases the cleansed water molecules back into the air this time only this time they have become negatively charged (yes the only time that something negative is actually good for us)

When we have spent time by the sea we come away feeling invigorated and recharged. We are in fact been recharged by the very same negative ions found in Himalayan Salt Lamps. Over time it is said that energy levels will improve the more we are exposed to the energy of these lamps. I have only received mine today and have had it plugged in for about an hour and I can feel the waves of calming energy flowing through me already. I even feel that I can breathe more easily too, which as it is a very mild, damp, misty day here today is pretty amazing.

I have put mine on my desk as it is said to be extra helpful for neutralising electronic smog as I spend many hours at my computer each day, so it will be interesting to see the benefits of this over time. It is also reported to improve concentration and boost serotonin levels which is great for anyone suffering from the “Winter Blues” (S.A.D)

If you find that your main problem is insomnia it is advised to either sleep with one on or have it running for a few hours before you go to sleep. This will help to improve your sleep by boosting the oxygen supply in your blood to the brain.

About Raine Hilton

Hello my name is Raine Hilton and I am a Spiritual Wellbeing Consultant. I have had many life experiences which have brought me to where I am today and I would like to share the more important ones with you here in this blog.
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