Time For A New Year Spiritual House Cleanse

smudge stick

Yes that time is upon us once more; the decorations are down and packed away for another year, the rubbish and recycling has been put out.

Afterwards we stand there triumphant, and exhausted amid a gleaming house. Yes this is highly commendable, but how often do you think of spiritually cleaning your home? I’m talking about clearing away all that negative energy from the past year that is still clinging to the very fabric of the house.

We are all aware that there are two types of energy; positive and negative. They are opposites, as black is to white. While positive energy makes us feel good, healthy, happy, and motivated, negative energy leaves us feeling depressed, angry and lethargic.

A house that once felt warm, welcoming and vibrant can over time begin to feel uncomfortable, stale and stagnant. Over time this will have a direct effect on our emotional, mental and physical wellbeing. This is caused by a build up of negative energy, in the same way that dust and grime become ingrained unless it is cleared away regularly. This can be the combined result of stress, depression, illness, arguments or violence from each member of your family. This includes all those childish squabbles, relationship problems, bereavements, worrying about the paying the bills or keeping your job. Everything we say, think and do, positive and negative, leaves an energetic imprint on our surroundings.

This wasn’t such problem years ago as it is now as traditional cleaning methods were used. Carpets and rugs taken outside for a good beating as were chairs and soft furnishings, floors were properly scrubbed and windows and doors left open to allow air to circulate. With the increasing popularity of many gadgets and cleaning agents the old ways are not used so often, and so the negative energy becomes stuck.

I’m certainly not going to suggest you get down on your hands and knees and scrub your entire house from top to bottom, was that a sigh of relief I heard? Allow me to introduce to spiritual spring cleaning. All you need for this is;

  • a packet of incense (this can be sticks, cones or loose incense)
  • a candle (in a sturdy holder)
  • a bell, rattle or a drum, anything that will make plenty of noise to shake that negative energy free!

The follow technique can be varied to suit your circumstances or belief system, never be afraid to adapt anything, and always think for yourself!

Once your house has been thoroughly cleaned, (now you really didn’t think you would get out of that did you?) You can go through the house doing this alone or you can get the whole family involved, I know our children used to love an excuse to bang drums and shake rattles!

* Obviously for reasons of safety keep children well away from lit incense and candles.

If you are doing this alone you will need to take each item through the house at a time. Yes, it is time consuming but well worth it. If you have others working with you then you can take an item each and follow one another from room to room.

 Begin at the top of your house with your lit candle; carefully walk through the whole room, illuminating every dark corner. Open every cupboard and drawer and allow the light to shine, leaving no inch uncovered. As you do this say either out aloud or in your mind;

“I bring light to banish the darkness and negativity to a place where it may do no harm.

Next you will need to take the lit incense stick or smudge stick and repeat the same movements as before. Only this time saying;

 “I bring air into this place, banishing all negativity to a place where it may do no harm”

Now repeat the same movements, this time with the drum, bell, or rattle. This time saying;

 “I bring sound into this place, banishing all negative energy to a place where it will do no harm”.

Work your way through the house; from top to bottom, covering all stairs and landings, finishing at the outside door you use most. Open this door and if you have a sweeping brush or broom physically and symbolically sweep the energy out of the door. Now open all the windows and the door if possible and play some uplifting positive music that you love, as loud as you are able.

Well done, now take a well earned break. Relax and enjoy the fresh zingy positive energy flowing through your home!

Ideally you should aim to repeat this house cleanse every month, and certainly when things begin to feel stale, or there has been a serious illness, incident or disagreement.

* Do feel free to use a Sage/Mugwort/Black Cohosh aura spray in the place of incense smoke around anyone with breathing problems or pets. Do be careful spraying near any electronics though.

Love & blessings Raine – Good Vibes Holistic Therapies http://www.goodvibesgirl.co.uk 

About Raine Hilton

Hello my name is Raine Hilton and I am a Spiritual Wellbeing Consultant. I have had many life experiences which have brought me to where I am today and I would like to share the more important ones with you here in this blog.
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