Running Wild In The Spiritual Pick and Mix Aisle

ANMRAN    Sweets

Now more than ever there is a vast array of enticing new energy attunement systems available for us all to work with. This gives us a wonderful opportunity to discover which spiritual path suits us best and brings us into closer contact with our Spiritual Guides and Helpers. We flit excitedly from Angelic – Starseed – Shamanic – Egyptian – Faery without a second thought of how this may affect our etheric system.

If you think of this in a physical sense, it would be the equivalent of piling your plate high with a mixture of Chinese stir-fry, Indian Madras curry, Mexican enchiladas, American Hot-dogs and Italian pasta and then pouring custard, gravy, sour cream and hot fudge sauce on top of it and then eating it all. Can you imagine how sick you would feel afterwards?

The same goes for your energy system; filling your light body with conflicting energy streams brings about spiritual disharmony and discordance. While it is admirable to be open and eclectic in your spiritual tastes, care needs to be taken how you combine these energy sources, and also in closing down effectively one stream of energy, and resting your system, before beginning a new spiritual adventure.

Another aspect of spiritual development I would also like to mention is the Spiritual Spa Addiction; this is where students throw one energy system into their bodies after another too quickly, sometimes four of five a week without ever taking the time to work with each system. Others think it is fine to call in multiple levels of one system in one session, and unfortunately some of the more disreputable teachers allow and encourage this to line their pockets. The student enjoys the instant high they get from each system but then don’t bother to open their manuals again and wonder why they are not receiving lasting satisfaction and guidance from them. This causes a form of spiritual sickness and addiction. An overloaded energy system with the ego addicted to the light.

An attunement, empowerment, initiation, or activation is just an introduction to a stream of energy, or deity you wish to work with. But like any relationship it takes two to make it work, especially when it spans cross different realms. Energetically meeting an Ascended Master, an Archangel or a Faery Queen is such a special and life changing experience, or it should be. Sadly too many students excitedly greet their new Spiritual Helper and then as quickly turn their back on them to run towards the next one. If this was in the physical, just how insulting it would seem, but few think of this when working energetically.

So this plea comes from my amazing Spiritual Guide, Marianna and on behalf of all those who willingly and lovingly wait for us to work with them. This week take some time out and pick one of your attunement systems, spend quality time with it, meditate with the energy stream and reaffirm your relationship with those associated with it. Give the systems a chance to teach you, open yourself, grow and evolve with it and be amazed at the results you achieve.

Spiritual enlightenment takes patience, hard work, dedication, and a daily commitment to bring the light through not only for yourself, but to heal and uplift everyone you meet on your path. Honour those who wish to work with you, but above all else honour yourself too, you deserve the very best that life can offer you.

Love & blessings Raine & Marianna

About Raine Hilton

Hello my name is Raine Hilton and I am an Inspirational Holistic Life Coach and a Holistic Therapist. I have had many life experiences which have brought me to where I am today and I would like to share the more important ones with you here in this blog.
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